Filter Cleaning

Cleaning a filter is not only a time consuming process, but can also be very dangerous.
Click here to read about how a man was fatally injured trying to clean a filter.

Filters and your pool system are operated under high water pressure and extreme care should always be taken. Being unfamiliar with the process can lead to having an accident which can result in a serious injury and even death.

A proper filter cleaning from start to finish normally runs 60 – 90 minutes depending upon a number of circumstances. Our typical residential 4-cartridge filter cleaning charge starts at $85.00 plus a charge for the cleaning chemicals; prices can vary depending upon the specific situation.

The price also includes cleaning and lubricating all o-rings and any other vital integral parts. Sometimes parts may need to be replaced to maintain maximum operating performance.

The filter cartridges below are well maintained and cleaned every six months. Even so, you can see how much dirt has built up in the Before image. The After image shows how well a properly, chemically cleaned filter will clean up. About 90 minutes work and ready for another 6 months service!


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