When you enjoy what you do it shows in your work. Pools maintained by Clarity Pool Service are beautiful and well preserved. More importantly, they are healthy to swim in due to the precision balanced water. Your water reflects our work.

Service rates tend to vary as even pools in the same general area can behave very differently due to factors such as the size of the pool, the amount of surrounding vegetation, exposure to blown debris, etc. Other factors such as the normal bather load have to be taken into account as well.

Chemical Only

  • Test and balance chemicals for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity weekly
  • Test calcium hardness quarterly*
  • Test conditioner level quarterly*
  • Service notice of work done and any needed repairs emailed when service completed

Chemical Plus

Our most popular service, this service includes the Chemical Only service as described above PLUS:

  • Inspect ¬†skimmer and pump baskets, clean as required
  • Inspect ¬†pool sweep bag, clean as required^
  • Brush steps, swim-outs, seating areas
  • Check operation of pool equipment
  • Brush seating of connected spa^
  • Skim surface and net bottom of connected spa^
  • Test fire heater monthly^
  • Test trip GFCI for pool light monthly^
  • Competent pool sweep required

^ = if applicable

Chemical Plus Skimming

One of our most popular services, this level of service includes the Chemical Plus service as described above PLUS:

  • Skimming leaves, debris, and other material from the surface of the pool
  • Competent pool sweep required

Full Service
All services as described above PLUS:

  • Net debris off the bottom of the pool and scrub pool tile line with brush
  • Competent pool sweep required

Full Service Plus Vacuum
All services as described above PLUS:

  • Vacuum pool bottom weekly


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